2024 reviews and prices to optimize your presentations

In a world increasingly focused on visual communication, it's becoming essential to find high-performance tools for creating professional presentations. This is where is an online service that enables anyone to create high-quality presentations, even without design skills. In this article, we'll take a look at's customer reviews and prices in 2024.

Customer reviews of

There's a wealth of feedback on how helps you create attractive, professional slides. Among their testimonials, we find several strong points of the service:

  • Ease of use : offers a highly intuitive interface to enable users of all levels to quickly set up their presentations.
  • Time-saving : Thanks to its library of predefined and customizable templates, the software makes design work much easier, which can represent a considerable time-saver for professionals in charge of numerous presentations.
  • Image and icon bank : The platform features a wide selection of graphic elements to visually enrich slides and better convey key messages.
  • Real-time collaboration : The tool also offers the possibility of working in teams on the same presentation, facilitating exchanges between users and the coherence of projects.

However, some reviews point to a number of weaknesses:

  • Dependence on Internet connection : Being an online service, requires an active connection to operate. This can be a handicap when traveling or in areas without a network.
  • Limited selection of free models : While the free offer includes a certain number of models, a paid subscription is required to access the complete inventory.
  • Package prices : According to some users, the cost of subscriptions may seem high compared to other similar solutions on the market. rates and subscriptions in 2024

When it comes to pricing, offers a range of packages to suit every need and budget. Here's an overview of the different plans available in 2024:

Free offer

The free package provides access to basic functions such as :

  • Create presentations with a limited number of free templates;
  • Limited library of images and icons;
  • Online project storage (up to a certain limit);
  • Export presentations in PDF or PowerPoint format.

This option is ideal for occasional users who want to try out the platform and create simple presentations without making a financial investment.

Monthly subscription offers a monthly subscription fee, giving access to all the platform's features. These include :

  • Unlimited access to all presentation templates;
  • Integration with third-party services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive;
  • Real-time collaboration between multiple users;
  • Extensive library of images and icons;
  • Priority customer support.

The monthly subscription is suitable for professionals who need to create sophisticated presentations on a regular basis and are prepared to pay a fixed monthly fee.

Annual fee

Last but not least, the annual package offers a significant financial advantage over the monthly subscription, since it provides a discount on the total price. Users benefit from the same functionalities as in the previous offer, but at a lower cost calculated over the year.

For companies and individuals convinced by the service, opting for an annual package may be an appropriate option for a long-term solution to optimize their presentations and communicate their ideas more effectively.

In summary, 2024 confirms as the tool of choice for designing attractive, professional presentations. Users are generally satisfied with the functionalities offered, although some point to limitations such as dependence on an Internet connection and the limited choice of free templates. Pricing ranges from free to monthly and annual subscriptions, to suit different needs and budgets.

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